Frequently Used Forms

Here you'll find some of the most frequently used forms relating to registration and examinations.

For Students

Document What's it aboutHow to request it

Examination Appeal Application Form

As a student of University College Cork, you are entitled to appeal the results of an examination or assessment.

For full information on the process, go to the Examinations Appeals webpage.

Online Form

Examination Recheck Application Form

A student may request to have their module marks rechecked. However, it is important to note that this does not involve reassessment of the examination paper(s) or other submitted material.

For full information on the process, go to the Examination Recheck webpage.

Re-check Application Form and Regulations

Transcript Request Form

An Academic Transcript lists your complete academic history: programmes attended, a breakdown of marks/grades achieved in each module, the degree awarded, your overall grade, conferring date, and awards/scholarships, if applicable.

€10 per copy. It is possible to order up to 5 hard copies as well as a PDF copy in one transaction. The PDF copy also costs €10.

Allow 2-3 weeks for processing.

Online Form

Dictionary Use Permission Form

Some students are permitted to use a dictionary for non-language examinations.

If you are eligible, you must bring with you to each exam a 'Dictionary Use Permission Form' signed by a member of staff in your Department.

Dictionary Use Permission Form

For Staff Only

Document What's it aboutHow to request it 

Change of Module Form

A Change of Module form is completed by an Academic Unit on behalf of the student who wishes to amend/change their module selection within a programme.

Change of Module amendments may be completed, via the Student Portal, up to two weeks after the start of each Semester.

Semester 1 modules cannot be changed in Semester 2.

Change of Module Form

Carrying Forward 5 Credits

The purpose of this form is to submit a request on behalf of a student who would like to carry forward 5 failed credits.

Departmental approval (Programme Coordinator/Chair of the Board of Studies) is required prior to registration and commencement of the subsequent year of study. Students approved for this programme should, as soon as possible,

(i) register for the next year of their programme and,

(ii) make an appointment with SREO (Ms Yvonne Creedon – to register their 5 additional credits.

Online Form

Post Exam Board Correction Form 

A Post Exam Board Correction Form is submitted by an academic unit to amend a student's exam result post examination board. Post Exam Board Correction Form







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