University Academic Strategy Implementation

A key strategic aim of University College Cork’s Strategic Plan 2017-2022 is the delivery of an innovative academic mission based on the principles endorsed by Academic Council 20 January 2017:

Through our innovative academic mission, we will embrace open inquiry and exploratory risk across and between the entire breadth of disciplines of sciences, health, social sciences, law, business and the humanities; prioritise teaching and learning for students in an environment that provides space for thought for staff and students (who learn at their own pace and chart their own path); strengthen the local voice on global challenges; and create an infrastructural and capital plan to deliver on the academic mission through provision of spaces and staff that facilitate interdisciplinarity.”

This is encapsulated in the University Strategic Plan 2017-2022 as follows:

  • Priority Action One – “Our students and their learning experience are our highest priorities. We will deliver an innovative, differentiated academic mission committed to scholarship and education at the frontiers and margins of inquiry. It will connect with the region’s industry and community; partner with leading institutions worldwide and prioritise teaching and learning for students in an environment that provides space for thought for staff and students, who learn at their own pace and chart their own path. We will increase student numbers by 2,000, from 21,000 to 23,000.”
  • Goal One – “Implement an academic strategy to deliver an outstanding, student-centred teaching and learning experience with a renewed, responsive, research-led curriculum at its core.”
  • Action One – “Create the new physical and virtual Student Hubs to deliver on the principles of the university’s innovative academic mission and create a seamless student-centred administrative, academic and extracurricular experience.”

University College Cork’s Academic Council (30 June 2017) approved the establishment, Terms of Reference and membership of an Academic Strategy Implementation Working Group (ASIWG), reporting to Council of Heads, to oversee shared academic planning producing a University-level Academic Strategy Operational Plan 2017-2022 to deliver on Goal One of the University Strategic Plan 2017-2022.

Items One and Three of the University Annual Operational Plan (agreed by University Management Team Strategy, 23 October 2017) will be initiated by the Academic Strategy Implementation Working Group (ASIWG):

  1. University-level operational plan produced to deliver the academic strategy supported by strategic academic appointments.
  2. Academic engagement secured to design student admin systems to support and enable flexible learning.

Implementation Strands

Following approval of ASIWIG by Academic Council, and as the first phase of implementation, two priority areas were identified and work is now underway in these areas. Agreed priority issues are innovative programmes supporting interdisciplinarity, non-EU and postgraduate recruitment, and credit windows within programmes to provide breadth of learning (with the Languages Strategy as a pilot) to support the identification of graduate attributes.

Two strands reporting to ASIWG were endorsed by Council of Heads (21 September 2017): Strand 1 - People and Ideas: Portfolio of programmes to deliver on the University Student Profile 2017-2022 as agreed by Council of Heads (8 June 2017); and Strand 2 - Technology supporting the student journey to ensure the EIB investment reflects future academic needs.

Strand 1 - People and Ideas: Portfolio of programmes have now issued a call for Expressions of Interest for UCC One: Frontier Programmes and Modules. Further detail on the call is available here

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