Action 17

At annual registration, students will submit a self-assessment of the extent to which they have developed relevant values and attributes

At annual registration, students will submit a self-assessment of the extent to which they have developed relevant values and attributes


  • Graduate Attributes Programme Manager
  • Centre for Digital Education
  • IT Services
  • Information Services Project Management Office
  • UCC Procurement Office
  • Skills Centre
  • Key Academic Staff


At annual registration, students will submit a self-assessment of their development of a distinct set of values and attributes. Spikey profiles will be generated, providing students with a graphical illustration of their baseline level. Students will be prompted towards ways to further develop their core values and attributes, as relevant to their performance in the self-assessment.

Current Status

Scoping of potential IT systems Completed Summer 2019
Procurement Support Request Initiated 9th September 2019
Tender Request submitted to Procurement Office Completed 18th September 2019
Request for Tender Form Completion Expected End of October 2019
Tender Process to Begin Beginning of November 2019
Evaluation - Procurement Office & GAP Q1 2020
Completion of Contract Q1 2020
Pilot of Self-Assessment Survey (BA programme) Q2 2020
Full Roll-out of Survey Tool university wide Q3 2020
  • Academic staff in several disciplines currently engaged to assist in the development of survey input to measure values
  • Academic staff across disciplines and the Skills Centre are engaged in the outputs of developing further initiatives, aligning them with graduate attributes - ongoing.

Timelines & Targets

Canvas VLE trialled as a Proof of Concept Complete
Scoping of full technical systems Complete
Tender Process for Software Expected end Q4 2019
Development of survey questions Expected end Q4 2019
Pilot Project using BA cohort of students Q2 2020
Full roll-out of Self-Assessment System Q3 2020
Development of projects and initiatives developing attributes Ongoing

Expected Completion Date

Pilot system expected Q2 2020; with full system expected for Sept 2020


Scoping, testing and reviewing of various IT supporting systems was completed in Summer 2019. The Office of Government Procurement and Education Procurement Service have both responded to our PSR request and confirmed that UCC Procurement can proceed with tendering. Tender Request Form has been completed, and a tender process will begin November 2019.

With regard to full implementation in UCC, a pilot project with BA students will begin in Q2 2020.  Full roll out of the self-assessment software and tools will be complete for Q3 2020.

Project is hugely collaborative with IT Services, Information Services Project Management Office, Graduate Attributes Programme, UCC Procurement Office, Centre for Digital Education, UCC Career Services and UCC Skills Centre.

  • A significant Consultation and Communications Plan was launched September 23rd and 24th
  • A Press Release was issued, a national promotional video was released, a brand-new website and social media suite of products were disseminated.
  • On October 1st a one-hour workshop was facilitated on the Graduate Attributes Programme “Transitions In” stages for Guidance Counsellors.
  • Employer Advisory Board is currently being reviewed, with completion by Q4 2019.
  • Employer and other stakeholders, such as Guidance Counsellors and Parents, as part of the continued Consultation and Communications Plan will be key to developing and reviewing the self-assessment tool outlined in the current timelines and targets above.

Staff interested in inputting into the self-assessment survey can contact the Graduate Attributes Programme – 

Deputy President & Registrar

First Floor, West Wing, Main Quadrangle, UCC, T12 YN60