Action 5.2

5.2: Develop a recruitment strategy that is in line with the student enrolment plan.

5.2: Develop a recruitment strategy that is in line with the student enrolment plan.


  • Director of Recruitment and Admissions
  • Dean of Undergraduate Studies
  • Dean of Graduate Studies
  • Business Development and Finance Manager, Office of the Deputy President and Registrar
  • Admissions Support Officer
  • Recruitment Personnel - which includes representation from the four Colleges, Marketing & Communications, Student Support Services, Admissions Office, Graduate Studies Office, International Office and Scholarships


Adoption of a more strategic approach to recruitment and setting out of clear recruitment targets.

Current Status

A workshop for all Recruitment personnel took place in February which resulted in a range of recommendations that are currently being explored. This has already resulted in great synergies in student recruitment efforts. A follow-up workshop is to be convened during the summer.

Timelines & Targets

  1. Identify potential for synergies across the current range of recruitment efforts for UG, PG, EU and International students: Completed. Recommendations from a collective workshop are currently being implemented and further work is underway that will continue to synergise recruitment efforts.

  2. Establishment of interim recruitment strategies for current recruitment cycle in each of the target market segments: Ongoing.

  3. Implement synergies across UG, PG, EU and International recruitment efforts for the next recruitment cycle. Ongoing.

  4. Establishment of overarching recruitment strategy and targets in line with the approved enrolment plan. Q1 2020.

Expected Completion Date

Q1 2020


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