Action 27

Review and consolidate Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Policies

Review and consolidate Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Policies


  • Chair of AC ASDC
  • Senior Programme Coordinator, ACE
  • Director of Recruitment and Admissions
  • Head of Graduate Studies
  • Dean of Graduate Studies


Consolidated Recognition of Prior Learning Policy

Current Status

A review of Recognition of Prior Learning Policies has taken place. Existing policies have been consolidated into one document. Some gaps in the policy have been identified. It has been agreed that these will be addressed after the review of entry requirements exercise has been carried out.

Timelines & Targets

  • Admissions functions to collate current RPL documentation: Completed.
  • Thorough review of current RPLs to be undertaken and gaps identified: Completed.
  • Gaps to be addressed following the review of entry requirements: Q1 2020
  • Consolidation of RPL policies into one policy under the Admissions Policy Group: Q2 2020

Expected Completion Date

Q2 2020


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