Action 23

Develop a recruitment strategy that is in line with the student enrolment plan

Develop a recruitment strategy that is in line with the student enrolment plan


  • Director of Recruitment and Admissions
  • Dean of Undergraduate Studies
  • Dean of Graduate Studies
  • Business Development and Finance Manager, Office of the Deputy President and Registrar
  • Admissions Support Officer
  • Recruitment Personnel - which includes representation from the four Colleges, Marketing & Communications, Student Support Services, Admissions Office, Graduate Studies Office, International Office and Scholarships


Adoption of a more strategic approach to recruitment and setting out of clear recruitment targets.

Current Status

A workshop for all Recruitment personnel took place in February 2019 which resulted in a range of recommendations that are currently being explored. This has already resulted in great synergies in student recruitment efforts. A follow-up workshop was convened in July 2019, where the recruitment committee members explored the functionality of the new Data Hub. The student recruitment function has been restructured with a view to synergising efforts for UG and PG student recruitment activities. The Head of Student Recruitment will commence in post in December 2019.

Timelines & Targets

  • Identify potential for synergies across the current range of recruitment efforts for UG, PG, EU and International students: Completed. Recommendations from a collective workshop are currently being implemented and further work is underway that will continue to synergise recruitment efforts.
  • Establishment of interim recruitment strategies for current recruitment cycle in each of the target market segments: Ongoing.
  • Implement synergies across UG, PG, EU and International recruitment efforts for the next recruitment cycle. Ongoing.
  • Restructure the student recruitment function. Agreed in April 2019
  • Recruit Head of Student Recruitment. Completed September 2019 with the new appointment starting in post in December 2019.
  • Establishment of overarching recruitment strategy and targets in line with the approved enrolment plan. Q1 2020.

Expected Completion Date

Q1 2020


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