Action 22

Review and further develop a student enrolment plan in close collaboration with academic units

Review and further develop a student enrolment plan in close collaboration with academic units


  • Director of Recruitment and Admissions
  • Dean of Undergraduate Studies
  • Dean of Graduate Studies
  • Business Development and Finance Manager, Office of the Deputy President and Registrar
  • Admissions Support Officer


Establishment of an enrolment plan to contribute to the achievement of the desired shape and size of the university’s student body

Current Status

A Data Hub has been established and will serve as the enrolment planning tool. Analysis of enrolment headcounts and projections has taken place and meetings with the Colleges to establish the next iteration of enrolment projections are ongoing.

Timelines & Targets

  • Development and distribution of templates for college enrolment projections: Completed.
  • Undertake additional data gathering and analysis exercises to establish algorithms for accurate intake forecasts: Ongoing.
  • First Draft of enrolment projections returned: June 2019.
  • Development of composite report comprised of historical headcount and future headcount projections for the university: First iteration completed and published in the Data Hub.
  • Development of online, centrally available tool accessible by stakeholders to view and filter their relevant enrolment data: Completed.
  • Horizon scanning, data analysis and specialist expertise in the target markets to be provided to colleges to inform the finalisation of enrolment projections, which are in line with market demand projections: Ongoing.
  • Addition of JYA and Erasmus incoming student projections: Q2 2020.
  • Collaborate with Finance Office and HR to align future planning for staff growth with planning for student growth: In progress.
  • Collaborate with relevant staff to analyse projections through a student recruitment lens: Q1 2020

Expected Completion Date

Q2 2020


This work is being carried out in very close collaboration with the Colleges and Recruitment Personnel. While it is envisaged that the enrolment plan will be finalised by Q2 2020, as the programme portfolio evolves, the work will naturally be ongoing.

Deputy President & Registrar

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