Action 1.2

1.2: Recognise and promote good practice.

1.2: Recognise and promote good practice.


  1. John O'Halloran (Chair and Academic Lead)

  2. Catherine O'Mahony, CIRTL (Administrative Lead)

  3. Edmond Byrne, Chair of Process & Chemical Engineering

  4. Stephen Byrne, Dean of Undergraduate Studies

  5. Emma Connolly, International Office

  6. Sally Cudmore, Alimentary Pharmabotic Centre

  7. Anne Marie Cooney, Deputy President & Registrar’s Office

  8. Armida de la Garza, Digital Humanities

  9. Aaron Frahill, Education Officer, Students Union

  10. Martin Galvin, Community Engagement

  11. Maria Kirrane, Sustainability Officer

  12. Karl Kitching, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Unit

  13. Christopher Lynch, Restorative Dentistry

  14. John McNulty, Director of Academic Services

  15. Mary McNulty, Career Services

  16. Mike Murphy, Management and Marketing

  17. Rory O’Donnell, Postgraduate Student Officer, Students Union

  18. Séamus Ó Tuama, Adult Continuing Education


Identification of key measures that demonstrate alignment with the Connected Curriculum.

Current Status

Key measures have been collated across employability, internationalisation, sustainability etc. These will form a resource for staff undertaking the self-evaluation.

Timelines & Targets


Expected Completion Date



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