Action 3.1

3.1: Undertake a review of existing assessment practice

3.1: Undertake a review of existing assessment practice


The lead sponsor has convened a cross-university working group of academic and support staff which has met several times in 2019.


Review completed.

Current Status

On-going, as part of the overall “Priority 3” project.

Timelines & Targets

  1. Professor Geoff Roberts’ initial review of assessment practices at UCC was presented to AB in September 2018.  This report has been incorporated into, and informs, Priority 3.

  2. The project lead has visited benchmark universities (e.g. UCD) in Q1, Q2 2019 to gather information on assessment processes and practices in comparator universities with further visits planned (e.g. UL), including scheduled conference calls with UK universities.

Expected Completion Date

Q3, 2019


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