Action 2.3

2.3: Revise and enhance the regulatory framework

2.3: Revise and enhance the regulatory framework


To be confirmed


This action will be pursued in conjunction with the team leading on Priority 3

Current Status


Timelines & Targets

  1. Review and analyse the current regulatory framework

  2. Identify how to incorporate into the regulatory framework ways to facilitate opportunities for credit accumulation and transfer

  3. Identify a number of scenarios with respect to the new systems

  4. Test the new systems with respect to the aforementioned scenarios

  5. Establish criteria to allow new academic pathways (e.g. BPhil)

  6. Invite Colleges to make proposals for new pathways

  7. Demonstrate functionality of the new systems to enable credit accumulation and transfer pathways, as well as new academic pathways (e.g. BPhil)

Expected Completion Date

To be confirmed after consultation with Priority 3 team


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