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Welcome to our 2019 Quercus Scholars

6 Sep 2019
Incoming Quercus Scholars 2019

On Friday 6th of September, we welcomed the 6th intake of Quercus Scholars to UCC with a day long induction event hosted at Distillery House.  

The Quercus Talented Students’ Programme supports and promotes excellence in academia, sport, creative and performing arts, active citizenship and innovation/entrepreneurship for both prospective undergraduate/level 8 students and students already registered in UCC.

This year we welcome 20 news students as winners of the undergraduate scholarships. The Induction Day for these students took place on Septmeber 6th and was a jam packed event with many excellent presentations, including one from former World Champion Rob Heffernan. The Scholars heard presentations about various initiatives within the University, including from Kathy Bradley (UCC Skills Centre Coordinator) and Dr Maria Kirrane (Sustainability Officer, Green Campus). 

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Michele Power, Manager, Quercus Talented Students' Programme, 021 490 4688, mpower@ucc.ie.  

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