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UCC students and staff join millions around the world in Global Climate Strike

20 Sep 2019
UCC students and staff convened in the main quadrangle to take part together in the climate emergency strike

On Friday 20th September students and staff of UCC convened in the Quad in support of the Global Strike for Climate. Prof Patrick O'Shea, president of UCC, dropped the Green Flag to half-mast in recognition of the fact that, although we are proud of our environmental achievements, there is more to be done.

Over the last year young people across the globe have held protests over a lack of government action on climate change.  In Cork, a number of schoolchildren have stood outside City Hall every Friday under the banner “Fridays for the Future”. UCC, as a member of the Environmental Association of Universities and Colleges, and signatory of the SDG Accord, supports these voices from a generation, and on September 20, UCC students students and staff convened in the Quad to stand in solidarity with the millions of protestors around the world in a historic Global Climate Strike to demonstrate against inaction surrounding the climate crisis.

As a “green campus” UCC continuously seeks to reduce its environmental footprint. 12 years ago our students began the Green Campus Programme which has seen our campus become fully divested of fossil fuels, 40% more carbon efficient, and home to Ireland’s first plastic free café. These changes have happened because we listened to the fears and worries of our students and we respected their opinions. UCC researchers continually contribute insight to the public debate on climate change, and over the past decade our students and staff have driven UCC to be a global leader in ensuring that sustainability is at the core in how we teach, research and act. However, we accept that far more needs to be done.  

On this momentous day across the globe, UCC staff and students gathered to highlight that these changes will only take us so far in the fight against climate breakdown and to urge leaders across the globe to do as the students have asked and “listen to the scientists” and take immediate action. 

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