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New Graduate Attributes Programme launched at UCC

24 Sep 2019
Ms. Kayla Maher, President UCC Societies; Ms. Siobhain Scanlon, Early Careers Manager, Musgrave Group; Dr. Jennifer Murphy, Director of Recruitment and Admissions UCC; Eleanor Donoghue, Graduate Attributes Programme Manager UCC; Professor Patrick O’Shea, President UCC; and Professor Chris Williams, Head of College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences, UCC.

University College Cork (UCC) today launched the Graduate Attributes Programme which will advance the development of students’ academic, specialist and technical competencies, equipping them with transferrable skills that can be applied in life-wide contexts. 

Funded by the Higher Education Authority Innovation and Transformation Programme 2018, the Graduate Attributes Programme at UCC (www.ucc.ie/en/graduateattributes) is a transformative initiative, and is the first of its kind in Ireland. It will support students at second level in making the right degree choices as well as through their life cycle of study in university. A key focus will be on the development of core values and graduate attributes which will be embedded in the academic curriculum and nurtured through curricular and extracurricular activities. For students, this initiative offers a holistic educational approach to develop character, professionalism and the capacity for critical and creative thought that will nurture their ability to be more socially-minded and civically-engaged in their communities.

You can watch the launch video here.

National Government policy has identified challenges encountered by students in transition to Higher Education as contributing to high withdrawal and failure rates, with personal and system-wide implications. In addition a lack of support for second and third year students in higher education to become ‘work ready’ has been identified.  This programme, funded by the Higher Education Authority Innovation and Transformation Programme 2018, seeks to respond to those issues identified within Government policy.


More than 150 students and staff attended the launch event in the Creative Zone of the Boole Library. You can see some images from the day here.

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