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GAP embark on new project with Microsoft

3 Nov 2020

UCC today announced a partnership project with Microsoft. This project will harness the power of Microsoft Teams and LinkedIn Learning to support final year/penultimate year students build up work-ready skills and attributes and will explore opportunities to apply technology to support students as they transition out of university into professional environments or further study.

This collaborative project was launched to 1000 UCC students today by Inteim President professor John O'Halloran and Managing Director of Microsoft Ireland Cathriona Hallahan. This project explores the value we can achieve when Higher Education and Technology companies work together to support our students and the future of work, where emerging technologies including Artificial Intelligence offer opportunities to improve student employability.

Funding provided through the HEA Innovation and Transformation Fund and Tomar Trust is supporting the development of the Graduate Attributes Programme at UCC to provide a suite of Transition Out initiatives which are preparing final year students to transition into professional environments and become life-wide and life-long learners. The programme is embracing innovation and technological change, enhancing skills to enable our students to be resilient, innovative, and globally connected, capable of coping with technological and other transformational changes ahead for the future of work.

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Eleanor Donoghue, Graduate Attributes Programme Manager e.donoghue@ucc.ie 

Deputy President & Registrar

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