Quercus Forms

Quercus Forms

To complete an application form, please download/save the relevant form onto your desktop. Preferably application forms will be completed electronically, however if you wish to complete these by hand please select to print in colour where possible to ensure that the form retains its layout and formatting.

Please note, application forms must be accompanied by two hand-written or typed references as per the Terms of Reference. 

Active Citizenship Scholarship - Application (148kB)

Active Citizenship Scholarship - Terms of Reference (206kB)

Innovation/Entrepreneurship Scholarship - Application (153kB)

Innovation/Entrepreneurship Scholarship - Terms of Reference (206kB)

Creative and Performing Arts - Application (154kB)

Creative and Performing Arts Scholarship - Terms of Reference (209kB)

Sports Scholarship - Application (187kB)

Sports Scholarship - Terms of Reference (235kB)




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