Application form

To apply for a Quercus Taught Masters Academic Scholarship you must:

1. First apply for your course via the Postgraduate Applications Centre (PAC)

2. Upload your transcripts for each year of your undergraduate degree, including your overall final result. Final degree results will need to be submitted by June 30th in order for you to be considered. Applicants who do not achieve a 1H (or equivalent) cannot be considered.

3. Submit your online application, including the personal statement section outlining the following:

a)      Your reasons for choosing this masters course at University College Cork (max 300 words). Please include in your answer how you anticipate this qualification will benefit you personally, and academically and professionally and your research/study interests.

b)      Any additional academic achievements, including postgraduate qualifications, if relevant (documented evidence of achievements must be uploaded to PAC) (max 200 words).

c)      If relevant, consider any non-academic or professional experience you may have that relates to the masters course (max 200 words).

d)     Any skills and attributes relevant to the masters course that set you apart from other applicants (max 200 words).

Successful applicants will:

  • Show outstanding academic achievement.
  • Demonstrate skills of reflection and a clear motivation for choosing their course of study.
  • Demonstrate evidence of initiative and original thinking.

Successful applicants may also show relevant connections with disciplinary areas outside their undergraduate field of study.

2019 Deadline for Receipt of Quercus Taught Masters Academic Scholarship Applications:      

  • 1st June 2019
  • For those waiting final year results, 30th June 2019 is the deadline for uploading final transcripts to PAC.
  • Awards will be communicated to applicants by mid July 2019.


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