Visiting delegation from the University of Prishtina

Visiting delegation from the University of Prishtina

Visiting delegation from the University of Prishtina, Kosovo, photographed with senior officers from UCC. Front row: Prof. Luan Ahma, Prof. Paul Giller, Registrar and Senior Vice President Academic, UCC and Prof. Shemsedin Dreshaj. Back row: Prof. Dr. Mejdi Bektashi, Mr. Adem Rusinovci, Dr. Norma Ryan, Director, Quality Promotion Unit, UCC and Mr. But Dejaj.

Quality Assurance at University of Prishtina (QA@UP) 

'Fostering and Developing the Quality Culture at the University of Prishtina’

This Tempus IV project addresses the importance of a 'Quality Culture' as a prerequisite for a functioning and lasting quality assurance system within the University of Prishtina (UP).

The main objective of the project is to further develop the quality culture at the University of Prishtina at all service levels such as teaching, research, administration and student support services. During this development the perspectives of all stakeholders will be taken into account. The main challenge for the University of Prishtina is to transform its informal and implicit approaches towards quality into a formal and explicit quality culture.

The methodology of this project is based on knowledge transfer from EU partner universities to the University of Prishtina. To ensure the involvement of all stakeholders, workshops on different quality-related topics will be held by EU partners. Furthermore, the University of Prishtina will celebrate an annual "Quality Day", produce promotional material and ensure capacity building for Quality Assurance (QA) staff and for the year quality strategy will be developed. One of the main outputs of the project will be an institutional self-assessment report for the UP which is mandatory in order to be accredited by the Kosovo Accreditation Agency.

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In November 2010 a study visit to UCC was undertaken by a group of senior staff form the University of Prishtina, Kosovo. This study visit was funded by the European Commission Tempus IV project 'Quality Assurance at the University of Prishtina' (QA@UP). The Kosovan team met relevant senior officers in UCC to discuss strategy and developments, focusing in particular on the development of strategies for the operation and implementation of a quality assurance and enhancement culture. UCC is the model that is being used to show what has been achieved in this regard since quality assurance and quality improvement procedures were established in the University.



Quality Enhancement Unit

Aonad Feabhsaithe Cáilíochta

Room 2.18, West Wing, UCC