SPH Seminar Series 2021

Seminar Series 2021




The COVID-19 Vaccine: An Overview  

Presented by Dr Anne Moore

Organisers: Edel Burton & Prof. Patricia Kearney 

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 Dr Anne Moore

Anne completed a PhD in HIV vaccine immunology with Professor Kingston Mills. She completed post-doctoral work on defects in immune responses in HIV-infected individuals in the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia and further work on recombinant vaccines against viruses such as HIV and Ebola virus in Dr.Gary Nabel's lab, then at the University of Michigan.

As a senior immunologist in Prof. Adrian Hill's group in the University of Oxford, she developed several T cell inducing vaccine candidates against malaria, TB and influenza and was involved in clinical trials of these and other vaccine candidates. She was a Lecturer in Pharmacology, based in the School of Pharmacy, in early 2007. In 2016 she worked for 10 months with the vaccine biotech company, Vaxart, South San Francisco while on sabbatical. Here she worked on tablet-based oral vaccines for a range of therapeutic and prophylactic vaccine. In September 2018, she took a position as Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry and Cell Biology.   

Her research interests are in vaccine development, access and acceptability. She is interested in developing and clinically translating anti-viral vaccines that can be thermostabilised for easy distribution and new formats for easy administration, such as tablets, nasal sprays and skin patches.

Dr. Moore and colleagues in the School of Pharmacy have published widely on vaccine confidence in Ireland. 







Invites you to attend the second seminar

in our 2021 series


Practical Steps for the Archiving of Qualitative Research Data  

Presented by Dr Aileen O’Carroll 

Tuesday 9th February

1pm – 2pm



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Dr Aileen O’Connell

Aileen is the Policy Manager at the Digital Repository of Ireland and manager at the Irish Qualitative Data Archive. Her work in the field of digital data is concerned with research methods, ethics & privacy and research data management.

Aileen advises researchers on best practice in managing and archiving research projects, both to ensure that ethical commitments are met and that the data gathered is of the highest standard to facilitate optimal re-use by a variety of audiences. As a sociologist she has used qualitative research in her books Working time, knowledge work and post-industrial society (2015) and the Dublin Docker (2017).  

She has published two research collections on the Digital Repository of Ireland; the Life History and Social Change Collection (https://doi.org/10.7486/DRI.9593xp97w-1) and the Repeal the Eight and Reproductive Rights Collection ( https://doi.org/10.7486/DRI.kh04tb834), and advised the Growing Up in Ireland team on the protocols used to publish their qualitative data set (https://doi.org/10.7486/DRI.66839j869). In her talk she will be drawing on these experiences to discuss the issues that researchers need to consider when preparing their data for deposit. 

  All are welcome

Organisers: Edel Burton & Prof. Patricia Kearney  

School of Public Health

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