What is an invoice redirection scam?

2 Jul 2019

An Invoice redirection scam occurs when a suppliers bank details are changed to a fraudsters.

An email is sent purporting to be from a supplier with a change of bank details.

If changed, the payment may be made to a fraudsters bank account.

The email address will appear the same or similar to a genuine email address. In some cases the fraudster will have hacked into the suppliers email account to send the request.

A phone call is often made in conjunction requesting these changes.

Scammers may have done their homework in the form of social engineering phone calls or checking your website to get information e.g names, invoice numbers, amounts, etc.

These scammers are also targeting customers in order to obtain invoices. These invoices are often edited with the scammers bank details and sent to supplier.

Please do not make any changes relating to email or contact details for the University. If suspicious please email .





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