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Centenary of the death of former Cork Lord Mayor Terence MacSwiney

25 Oct 2020
Dr Niamh Connolly, President's Office, UCC, Prof. John O'Halloran, Interim President, UCC, Dr Mervyn O'Driscoll, School of History, UCC. Image: Tomas Tyner

Sunday, 25 October, marked the centenary of the death of former Cork Lord Mayor, Terence MacSwiney. MacSwiney died in Brixton Prison, where he had been on hunger strike for 74 days.

The wreaths laid by Interim President O'Halloran, Dr Connolly and Dr O'Driscoll (pictured above) at the old Cork Men's Gaol, now part of the UCC campus, commemorate his death and honour the memories of those who suffered at that tumultous period in Irish History.

The tricolor on the UCC campus was flown at half mast on Sunday to mark the occasion.

One hundred years ago, this quiet intersection was the centre of an international storm. With this wreath laying we recall the deaths of Terence MacSwiney, Joseph Murphy and Michael FitzGerald, which occurred this week one hundred years ago, and honour their sacrifice for Irish independence.

We also wish to remember the nine other republicans who survived the hunger strike, albeit with physical and psychological scars. - Interim President, Professor John O'Halloran.

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