PPI Support

Support for researchers

PPI Ignite Network@UCC aims to support and promote capacity building for high quality PPI in research. Included in this is the provision of support and advice to projects or research teams planning for or employing PPI in their research. This pertains to all members of research teams; members of the public, patients, patient organisations, researchers, academics, clinicians or policy leaders. Planning for PPI takes time and needs to be thought about within the context of each individual project. PPI Ignite Network@UCC are here to help you in your thinking on how PPI can be meaningfully achieved within your work. It is important that this is done on a project by project basis.



To enable the provision of support and advice the following guidelines should be followed:

  • All requests for support should be made through email to ppi@ucc.ie
  • PPI needs to be thought about as early as possible in planning or conducting research. The earlier you contact PPI Ignite Network@UCC the more support and guidance that can be offered. At a minimum, a period of at least one week should be allowed for the return of advice.
  • Requests should include;     
    • An abstract/summary of the project.
    • Either a summary of proposed PPI purpose and methods or if PPI is not being employed a discussion of why not.
  • If your request relates to a grant application you should also provide the following;
    • A draft of the application which will be kept strictly confidential.
    • The name of the funder.
    • The name of the call.
    • The application guidelines.
    • Necessary deadlines. 

Feedback from PPI Ignite Network@UCC will be provided verbally or in writing (e.g. via email). Where necessary a PPI clinic can be scheduled with the PPI Ignite Network@UCC Programme Manager to discuss your PPI plans in further detail.

A letter of support from PPI Ignite Network@UCC can be provided. This will confirm engagement with PPI Ignite Network@UCC and outline the assistance that PPI Ignite Network@UCC can provide during your research. There is no cost attached to this letter of support. However, your grant application or research proposal and budget will need to be reviewed by PPI Ignite Network@UCC to ensure the inclusion of meaningful, high quality PPI.

The outcome of grant applications or research proposals which have received support from PPI Ignite Network@UCC need to be communicated to ppi@ucc.ie within one week of the outcome being known. PPI relevant sections from progress reports also need to be communicated to ppi@ucc.ie on an annual basis.

Support for members of the public

PPI Ignite Network@UCC aims to build capacity for high quality PPI in UCC and amongst wider society. A key part of our work is to provide support and advice to patients and members of the public who are currently involved in research as PPI contributors or those who would like to be involved in research in the future. We also run a number of different training workshops and courses for individual PPI contributors and patient and community organisations. For more information, please email your query to ppi@ucc.ie.

PPI Ignite Network@UCC

4th Floor Western Gateway Building, University College Cork, T12 XF62