3rd Year Module Choices/Timetable

PO3001 Dissertation (10 Credits)

To equip students with a detailed knowledge of one particular subject within politics; to develop students' capacity to undertake independent political research in their own research time and in consultation with an academic supervisor.

Students will be provided with a list of themes/topics and supervisors from the three departments. Students must submit a 1,000 word research proposal in November 2017 and a 9,000 word dissertation before the last Thursday in April of their final year. Seminars devoted to dissertation preparation are offered in Semester 1.


  • HI3044 International Relations (Semester 1)
  • ES4025 Ireland & International Relations (Semester 1)
  • HI3045 The Politics of Church and State (Semester 1)
  • HI3125 Nuclear Politics and Proliferation (Semester 2)
  • HI3132 Soviet Communism in World Politics: From the Russian Revolution to the Cold War (Semester 2)

 GROUP 2 OPTIONS (Government)

  • GV4414 Contemporary Debates in Ireland (Semester 1)
  • GV4401 Global Governance I (Semester 1)
  • GV3006 Politics in Northern Ireland (Semester 1)
  • GV4409 Political Ideologies and Social Change (Semester 1)
  • GV3216 Contemporary Ecological & Anti-Capitalist Politics (Semester 1)
  • PO3005 Issues in Irish Politics II (Semester 2)
  • GV4416 European Security (Semester 2) 
  • GV4410 Democracy:Theories and Innovations (Semester 2)


GROUP 3 OPTIONS (Philosophy)

  • PH3042 Professional Ethics (Semester 1)
  • PH3036 History of Philosophy 3 (Semester 1)
  • PH3025 Political Philosophy in Theory and Practice (Semester 2)
  • PH3112 Moral Responsibility (Semester 2)
  • PH3037 History of Philosophy 4 (Semester 2)
  • PH3041 Moral Psychology (Semester 2)
  • PH3045 Home, Identity & Displacement (Semester 2)


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