Second Year


Politics is a great subject to take to degree level.  The 3 Departments lecturing on the programme bring a variety of approach and expertise to the study of Politics.  From European Politics and Citizen Participation, to Models of Democracy and USA Politics, from Gender Perspectives on Politics and Conflict and Conflict Resolution to Chinese Politics and Applied Ethics, we offer an interesting choice of options in Second year.

Come along to the Information session on 2nd year options on Wednesday 13th September at 12noon in O'Rahilly Building, Room 255 Seminar Room.

Classes will start from Monday 11th September so go along to as many lectures as you can to get an idea what each module offers.

Politics is offered as a Single, Major, Joint Honours or Minor subject in Arts II and Arts III. A student takes 50, 40, 30 or 20 credits each year in Politics.  Students can select a 2nd subject for BA worth 10, 20, 30 or 40 credits from any other subject, which they studied in First year.

In Second Year, the three collaborating departments offer dedicated modules in Politics. Students taking 30 credits or more must take PO2001,  at least 1 ES/HI module, 1 GV module and 1 PH module (20 credits).  Students choose the remaining Politics credits from a range of modules offered by the three Departments (Government, History and Philosophy).

Department of Government & Politics Office

Room 2.48, 2nd floor, T12 YN60