Policies and Procedures


  1. We aim to assure the quality of the total student experience.

    The focus of our quality improvement/quality assurance procedures is not just on maintaining the academic output standard of your courses (although this is a vital element if we are to meet the needs of our students). We aim to assure the quality of the students? experience while they are studying at the University. We recognise that all areas of the University's operation affect (directly or indirectly) the quality of that experience and ultimately may have an impact on student achievement.

  2. All members of staff are responsible for quality.

    Quality is the responsibility of every member of staff of UCC. Everybody has a contribution to make. In order for this approach to be successful, there must be clear lines of responsibility and accountability for each area of operation and adequate support to enable the staff to achieve their quality objectives.

  3. We aim to improve quality whenever possible.

    Within the constraints of resources available, we aim to provide the best possible student experience and to foster quality improvement at all levels.

  4. We are committed to the principle of external peer involvement in assuring quality.

    We recognise that one important factor in assuring quality involves constant re-examination of our own approach against those of our peers. In this way we can assure ourselves that we are maintaining appropriate standards and also demonstrate accountability to external bodies for the use of public funds.

    We are committed to the involvement of external peers in our quality improvement/quality assurance procedures. (In this context 'peer' is broadly defined to incorporate academic staff, practitioners and future employers.)

  5. We take into account the views of our students.

    We recognise that students can make a valuable contribution to the assurance and assessment of quality within the university. We are therefore committed to seeking the views of our students and using the feedback that we gain to improve the quality of their experience.

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