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Policy Statement

UCC Safety Policy (Update) - November 2011  University Safety Policy ( update) - November 2011.

A pdf copy of the updated policy, as signed by Dr. M. Murphy, President of University College Cork is attached.

Policy Statement

The updated Safety Policy of University College Cork dated November 2011 is set out in the pdf document provided above.

The University and its constituent Colleges and campus companies will conduct their affairs in accordance with the provisions of  safety legislation and the University Safety Policy (update).The successful implementation of this policy requires the full support and active co-operation of all employees, contractors and students of the University.

 The overall responsibility for ensuring compliance with legal requirements for fire safety and occupational health and safety at work rests with the Governing Body of  University College Cork and the senior executive. The Governing Body discharges its oversight responsibility via an annual safety report to Governors based on signed Head of Function assurance statements to Governors submitted on a year in arrears basis ( initiated in 2011) and via the GB sub-committee on staff.

Without diminishing the overall responsibility of the University, responsibility for the safety of employees, students, and visitors within the areas of operation of Functional Area/Colleges and constituent Schools/Departments is vested in the Head of  the Functional Area primarily and in School/Departmental Heads who manage and  control activities in such areas. In the case of central administration, supports services, research institutes/centres, campus companies and other departmental areas responsibility is vested in the Head of Funcution primarily (e.g. the senior functional officers at VP, Head of College, Director, Dean, General Manager level)  and in officers, managers, superintendents, administrative assistants and supervisors who manage and  control the activities in such areas.

In pursuance of the above general statement of safety policy the University will endeavour AFARP to provide for;

  1. The maintenance of safe plant and equipment and of safe, clean and tidy buildings and environment;
  2. Safe processes and systems of work, with permits to work where appropriate;
  3. The maintenance of safe means of access and egress;
  4. Appropriate personal protective clothing and equipment for employees and arrangements to ensure that they are used as required;
  5. Monitoring where appropriate of the local environment for the presence of potentially harmful agents;
  6. Information, instruction, training and supervision in all matters relating to stafff occupational Health and Safety;
  7. Establishment and maintenance of procedures for dealing with emergencies;
  8. Establishment of procedures for the reporting and investigation of accidents and potentially dangerous occurrences and notification of the enforcing authorities in appropriate cases;
  9. Co-operation with and involvement of  safety representatives, recognised trade unions, employees and students in all matters concerning safety;
  10. Provision of information on hazards and safety, particularly with regard to new equipment, processes and materials;
  11. Indication of potential hazards by the use of signs, notices and labels;
  12. Appropriate arrangements for the safe transport, handling and storage of hazardous materials, substances and objects;
  13. Arrangements for the safe disposal of hazardous wastes;
  14. Adequate arrangements for first aid and occupational health, including immunisation and regular screening of persons engaged in work which carries a health hazard;
  15. Emergency plans in relation to health and safety at work;
  16. Appropriate arrangements with regard to the safety of the activities of contractors working on University premises utilising permits to work and method statements;
  17. Appropriate arrangements for the safe conduct of work outside normal hours;
  18. Appropriate arrangements for the safe conduct of field work activities;
  19. Identification of all workplaces for which the University has any responsibility and liaising as necessary with others who control activities in them or who use or occupy part of a building or site that the University also uses;
  20. Inter College.School/Departmental liaison and mutual co-operation on safety matters, particularly where the activities of one College/School/Department could cause a hazard to another. Similarly with contractors on the same site and in the case of employers on shared sites/buildings;
  21. Adequate local arrangements for easy access to safety information.
  22. Discharge of its common law obligations to students, visitors and invited guests

Note: The above list is not exhaustive.

Guidance on specific matters relating to health and safety at work is contained in School/ Department safety statements which local management have prepared and must keep upto date, utilising the safety statement work manual prepared by the University Health and Safety Office, (as issued/updated from time to time). It is the duty of all employees and students to observe and to take account of such guidance.

updated January 2012

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