Appendix 2 - Governing Body overview structures

Appendix 2 - Governing Body overview structures - health and safety

Governing Body - Annual oversight report

Following a presentation from the h&s directorate of IBEC, on the h&s responsibilities of Governors, the Governing Body at its December 2010 meeting adopted a proposal for the Governing Boday to recieve an Annual Safety Report on a year in arrears basis commencing in 2011.

The format was agreed subsequently by GB and includes a range of safety KPIs, accident and insurance metrics, building compliance and maintenance statements from the Director of B&E and corporate assurance statement to Governors from each Head of Function in relation to h&s complinace in their funcitional areas. This GB level annual safety report was/is intended to overlay the University's annual functional area (FA) health and safety report and FA benchmarking systems already in place since 2006. The outturuns of same and three year performance of each Functional Areas are also key compoments of the Annual Report.

Footnote: Subsequent to the above decision, the first annual safety report to Governors was presented to and considered by GB at its December 2011 meeting. ( See GB reports as accessible to UCC staff on the OCLA web site)

GB Sub- Committee on staff

See also structure and function as defined by the Governing Body in June 2007 and as updated in December 2011 ( see OCLA web site link below for further details)

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