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Appendix 1 - Organisation of Safety Responsibilities

Appendix 1 - Organisation of Safety Responsibilities

Hierarchy of H&S responsibility

  1. Governing Body (Employer)
  2. President
  3. University Management Team (the President, Senior VP's  (2#) and Bursar and Chief Financial Officer)- UMT
  4. University management group strategic ( all Heads of function incl 3 and 5 below)- UMTS
  5. Heads of Functional Area e.g Senior Executive management of the university e.g Heads of College, VP's, Directors/ Heads of Service incl academic administration,  academic support services and academic research institutes. 
  6. Heads of Academic School/Department/Centre
  7. Departmental Heads
  8. Deans, Managers and Officers ( all descriptions)
  9. Superintendents
  10. Supervisors
  • Note: higher control = higher responsibility (e.g. the controlling mind test of SHWW law).

11. Members of Staff (duties as defined per SHWW Act)

12. Students, and visitors (self) - Note: students at Universities are not employees under SHWW law

Organisation of Safety Advice ( incl. protective and preventative roles) 

A)  Employee Occupational H&S issues, risk management advice and SHWW law compliance:

Department safety statement, as prepared by departments, utilisng documentation and advice issued by the H&S Office

  • University Safety Officer
  • Employee Occupational Health issues/hazards: (e.g. employee hazardous substance exposure issues and biological safety, Noise, vibration, ergonomics.  audiograms, lung function tests and lab vaccinations, vud eyesight screening) = Sessional University Occupational Health Physician* and Occupational Hygienist*. (all via H&S Office on a sessional basis).  
  • Staff training: Department -  with support of programmes run by the H&S Office utilising H&S consultants/ trainers.
  • Staff Induction: Department - with support of programmes run by HR with input from  H&S consultants/trainers arranged by the H&S Office
  • Manual Handling Hazards: manual handling consultant (sessional via H&S Office 
  • Departmental Safety Advisers/ Safety Action Teams 
  • Staff Safety Representatives: 7  Elected Representatives (3 constituencies). Note: voluntary role defined by SHWW law with statutory entitlements but no duties.. 
  • Staff Welfare: Welfare Officer (via HR), Employee assistance programme
  • Radiation and Fire Safety - see (C) and (D) below

B) Student Safety

  • VP Student Experience and all academic supervisors / tutors and all student service providers
  • Health issues/ study and research health hazards: 
    Student Health Officer ( student issues and lab vaccinations).
  • Student Safety: Academic Head of School/Department, Campus Watch
  • Student Welfare: SU Welfare Officer

C)  Estates/Buildings and utilities safety; Building, Fire safety/ Fire Services Act compliance:

  • Buldings Officer 
  • Facilities manager
  • University Fire Consultant (via B&E)

D) Radiation Hazards: 

  • Radiation Protection Officer and Department RPO's

E) Security, Safety in relation to VIP visits and Major Events, Emergency response

  • General Services Management and Facilities Managers,  Campus Watch Buildings Officer, Fire Consultant , University Safety Officer 

F) Insurance and claims

  • Insurance Administrator, Office of Corporate and Legal Affairs.

G) Accident and Dangerous Occurence reporting

  • Department in conjunction with the Office of Corporate and Legal Affairs, HR and H&S Office 

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