In the Physiology Department we are involved with the Centre for talented youth in Ireland (CTYI) through our Outreach programme.

Last year over 1,000 students in this age bracket partcipated in the spring programmes run by CTYI. The idea of the courses is to give students an opportunity to study something they wouldn’t normally do at school in a stimulating university environment. CTYI instructors are trained to be experts in their partcular fields and will try to stmulate the students by asking open ended questons, sharing their knowledge and exploring their subjects. There will be a mixture of theory and practical work in all classes and hopefully to have some fun during the programme.
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Fantastic Physiology (summer 2015)

In the summer the Department of Physiology hosted a week long summer course for primary school children organized by the Centre for Talented Youths Ireland.‌‌‌ “Fantastic Physiology” was held in the Department of Physiology’s undergraduate teaching laboratory and instructed by Aidan Karr and David Burns (PhD trainees) along with Sonia Thomas (MSc trainee) and co-ordinated by Dr Marcella Burke.

Students engaged in interactive lessons and practicals for five days based around the physiological systems of the body.

Lessons included:

  • Skeletal muscle physiology
  • Digestive and GI physiology
  • Cardiovascular physiology
  • Respiratory physiology
  • Sensory physiology

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