Covid-19 Sign In/Out

When entering or leaving any Physics room in the Kane you must sign in/out of that location using the forms below. When you have successfully signed in/out you will recieve an email response. Please enter the same email address for every sign in/out. The time the form is submitted is your sign in/out time. The sign in/out time cannot be entered manually.

Please check that you have signed in/out successfully before and after each sign in/out. If you forget to sign in/out please contact Forgetting to sign in/out from each location may cause future sign in/outs to be recorded incorrectly. 

If you use a different email or make an error in your email please contact to fix the error. If you do not then your sign in/out will not be recorded correctly. If you have any issues or queries please contact


Sign In Form

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Sign Out Form

 Link to Sign Out Form:

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