Territorial Rights and Rivers

Call for Abstracts: Workshop: June 4-5, 2015

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Territorial Rights and Rivers: A Philosophical Exploration

Territorial Rights and Rivers: A Philosophical Exploration

‘Territorial Rights and Rivers: A Philosophical Exploration’ is an Irish Research Council funded research project which is aiming to lay the groundwork for constructive research on a new area of inquiry – territorial rights and rivers.

There is an urgent need to articulate just ways of sharing natural resources, especially in the context of resource conflict and pressing human need. Our most important natural resource, fresh water, is often the object of international conflict because of misuse and confusion. In spite of their importance, philosophical investigations of territorial rights over rivers are thin. It is assumed that rights over rivers derive from rights over geostationary lands, despite the fact that river resources are not geostationary. No theory asks if it is justified for a state to claim territorial rights over a trans-boundary river, if states should jointly share rights over trans-boundary rivers, or if rivers, as a unique object, might require a distinct understanding of territorial rights.

This research project aims to remedy such shortcomings. Led by Dr Cara Nine and hosted by the Dept. of Philosophy, UCC, the research project proposes to study the philosophical foundations of territorial rights over river resources, the proper distribution of these rights, and the challenge of balancing multiple claims to the same resource.

Principal Investigator: Dr Cara Nine (UCC)

Research Assistants: Raymond Davidson, Timothy Mawe (both UCC)


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