The Annual Rory Comerford Memorial Lecture

31 May 2012

The PhD Programme in Molecular Cell Biology together with The Microscopy Society of Ireland hosted The Annual Rory Comerford Memorial Lecture.




The Annual Rory Comerford Memorial Lecture


The Cellular Microcosmos-Visualizing Inner Space’


Dr. Nancy Kedersha

(Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston MA)



 Wednesday, April 18, 2012

3-4 pm

Brookfield Health Sciences Complex, G.05



Nancy Kedersha is a researcher at the Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA, and director of the confocal microscopy core at the Brigham and Women´s Hospital in the same city. 


She obtained her Ph.D. from Rutgers University in 1983 and thereafter spent 5 exciting years at UCLA in the laboratory of Dr. Leonard Rome. During that time, she co-discovered vaults, mysterious new cellular organelles found in organisms as divergent as humans and slime molds, whose function is still unknown and which are currently the subject of active research in the Rome and other labs.


Dr. Kedersha has been employing immunofluorescence since the mid-80’s to visualize structures within the cell, and has an extensive collection of images that not only shine a new light on nature but also manage to cross the line into art. The terrible beauty of her photographs of cells has been seen in Discover, Time, Newsweek, and Le Figaro, as well as in many textbooks, museum exhibits and scientific journals.  She was recently honored with the Lennart Nilsson Award for her outstanding contributions to scientific photography.


As a SFI Walton Fellow, Dr. Kedersha is currently visiting Prof. Rosemary O’ Connor’s laboratory in the Dept. of Biochemistry, UCC.  Her current quest centers around two RNA-binding proteins, TIA-1 and TIAR that continuously shuttle between the nucleus and the cytoplasm and regulate the assembly of cytoplasmic stress granules.


We are delighted to welcome Nancy to Ireland and UCC and look forward to her lecture on April 18th.



The lecture will be followed by a reception and all staff, students and members of the public are very welcome to attend.

Molecular Cell Biology

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