Past Student Profiles

Past Student Profiles

Louise Mansfield

BSc Neuroscience, UCC
MSc MolCellBiol with Bioinnovation 2013

"During my 12 months at UCC, I received high quality teaching from experts in various fields; made life-long friends and gained valuable practical skills and experience.  I thoroughly enjoyed my 6 month research experience in the biochemistry department where I learned various scientific techniques in a challenging and friendly environment. Help was always at hand from our tutors throughout the course, who did a fantastic job in the planning and running of the programme.

Since completing the course, I have started my new job as a biopharmaceutical analyst in Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories, a world leader in food and pharmaceutical products testing. My job involves the testing of drug products and medical devices for leading pharmaceutical companies in Ireland and internationally. In no way is it a repetitive job; as with a rapidly growing number of clients, new methods of testing are frequently required to meet client’s project needs. Some of our current testing includes product characterization testing, residuals testing, drug stability testing and product release testing. Techniques include chromatography, SDS-PAGE, capillary electrophoresis and spectrophotometry. From this MSc, I have taken with me fond memories and a high class of education. I feel my future career in the scientific industry will be enjoyable and rewarding.'

Chris Spearman

BSc Biochemistry, UCC
MSc MolCellBiol with Bioinnovation 2013

 "I am currently doing a PhD looking at elevated HOXA9 expression in Acute Myeloid Leukemia patients, along with ageing and other diseases such as Myeloproliferative disease and Myelodysplasia. This PhD is a collaboration between the University of Surrey, Kingston University and St. George’s University Hospital in London.  It is an absolute dream come true and it goes without saying that the Msc in Molecular Cell Biology with Bioinnovation was the key to unlocking this opportunity but also the key to unlocking my future. It was the only PhD I applied for and got through extremely difficult interview rounds.  I really feel the experience I gained from the 6-month research project in the MSc. helped immensly in securing this position.

I would firmly advise anyone who loves science and the idea of a PhD or research to do this course. It is perfect for bridging the gap between an undergraduate degree and a PhD. I cannot thank Dr. Kellie Dean and Dr. Maryanne Donovan enough for their amazing support, time and guidance throughout the whole year. You will be in extremely safe hands if you decide to this MSc. in Molecular Cell Biology."

Aoife Richardson

BSc Genetics, UCC
MSc MolCellBiol with Bioinnovation 2013

"After completing my Undergraduate degree in Genetics in UCC, I was looking for a way to increase my scientific knowledge and experience. I looked into a variety of science based Masters in both Ireland and the UK and chose to do this Masters due to its course diversity ranging from Science to Business and 6 month project in which I could gain scientific lab experience and expand my scientific knowledge.

 After finishing the MSc, I was offered a Visiting Research Associate position with Almac in the Centre for Cancer Research located in Queens University, Belfast. The experience I gained throughout the Masters and particularly in my project will benefit me greatly during my time doing my job."





Dean Rowe

BSc Biomedical Sciences NUIM
MSc MolCellBiol with Bioinnovation 2013



Lillian Fennell

BSc Biomedical Science, NUIG
MSc MolCellBiol with Bioinnovation 2013

'There are no other masters in Ireland like this course, its unique. Part of the reasons I chose it was because I knew I really enjoyed research and I felt that the 6 month research project that is part of the MSc. programme would really help me to gain more research experience and to allow me to decide if this is what I really wanted to do for the rest of my life, and yes a life of scientific research is definitely what I want to do! This MSc. taught me that that the world is your oyster in terms of a choice in a career in life science. If you do not feel like research is for you, then there are options for a career in industry, in setting up a life science company, or in science communications and outreach and this Msc. does help one attain useful skills to allow for this. 

The course co-ordinators and the principal investigators involved in the course really did their best to ensure that all students had the best possible experience of the programme and to gain a good MSc. qualification. Currently, I am working as a research assistant and as a laboratory demonstrator in the School of Biochemistry and Cell Biology whilst applying for PhD positions here in Ireland and the U.K. I am currently writing an Irish Research Council PhD proposal and thanks to the help of the MSc. programme; I am feeling very positive about my career and future."




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