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Class of 2013/14



 What they say.....

Dean Rowe, Biomedical Sciences, NUI Maynooth

'I could not recommend the MSc in Molecular Cell Biology with Bioinnovation more to Science graduates. No matter your field of expertise, this is an area that will benefit all and greatly aid in any employment goals, whether research or industry driven.  I myself, at the time a recent graduate of Biomedical Sciences of NUI Maynooth, was indecisive about my future career path or postgraduate prospects. So, I decided to expand my horizons by pursuing this MSc which has not only opened my mind to new, exciting decisions, but has matured me as a person while allowing me to meet a bunch of really great and influential people!' 

Michael Power, Neuroscience, UCC

‌'After I completed my undergraduate degree in Neuroscience I was unsure what direction to take.  I chose this course and am very happy with my decision. The science modules are interesting, the lectures well run, well organised and guest lecturers from around the country were brought in to lecture us in their areas of expertise giving us the best possible level of information that Ireland has to offer. The business courses have allowed me to consider the problems and solutions of companies such as Apple and Amazon and how they overcame these issues and learned from their mistakes to thrive. I have also learned the intricacies of setting up a business and looking for small margins that can be exploited in order for a company to thrive and that large margins can be made from simple ideas. The Journal Club module is a particularly useful module as it allows you to read about the areas of science that interest various members of the class while improving your ability to read current, high impact scientific articles and increasing your presenting and public speaking skills. Classmates have diverse backgrounds which is also refreshing as it allows a discussion to have several points of view and allows you to increase the spectrum of knowledge on various topics.  Overall I would thoroughly recommend this course, whilst the workload is intense, it is for the most part enjoyable, interesting and informative.'


Brian Duffy, Cell and Molecular Biology, UCD

'It should always be a priority for scientists to get experience in many different labs, so coming to Cork from Dublin was not a difficult choice. UCC was voted as by The Irish Times as College of the Year 2011-2012, and this was of no surprise to me as UCC is home to some of Ireland's most prestigious and innovative centres for research. The lecturers and coordinators are friendly, knowledgeable and very approachable. However, regardless of the high standard the course and college offers, coming from four years in Dublin I was surprised w‌hen my arrival in Cork was met with a much friendlier and more upbeat attitude, as well as a cup of tea and lovely chat. I would highly recommend the Molecular Cell Biology and Bioinnovation masters as their next step. '


Siobhan Brosnan, Microbiology, UCC

'The six month lab-based project has given us the opportunity to work on a substantial piece of research, allowing us to nurture skills previous learned in undergraduate courses, as well as developing new skills essential for future success. As the Masters in Molecular Cell Biology with Bioinnovation combines input from the departments of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Anatomy and Neuroscience, it allows us to either focus on topics we are already familiar with, or to venture into new territories and learn a whole new set of skills related to a previously unfamiliar topic, gaining greater insights into the world of Molecular Biology, as well as gaining new skills vital for future employment.'

Louise Mansfield, Neuroscience, UCC

'I have found this course exciting, new and enjoyable. The quality of this programme in all aspects is extremely high. I am part of a fantastic group of students and our tutors and lecturers have been more than helpful in welcoming everyone into this course and guiding each of us along the way. I have to praise the take-home exam style in this programme. It eases the pressure with traditional exam format as it is continuous throughout the course. Every lecture is always different and a wide variety of scientific topics are covered which makes this course interesting. The 6 month research project is a great opportunity to practice and learn new skills in the lab and build the experience that is needed when applying for jobs. UCC itself is home to me now; I have met a lot of great people, lifelong friends and talented, helpful tutors and lecturers. Cork city is a brilliant place to study; it is welcoming, vibrant and has a great student atmosphere. With this course, I feel I will have achieved a high class qualification giving me outstanding prospects for my future career.'







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