Taught Modules

Brief Description of Taught Modules


Cell and Molecular Biology 

This module has an emphasis on analysis of research articles to provide an overview of cell and molecular biology that governs normal and neoplastic cell growth, proliferation, function and death and to explore the systems used by cells to sense and respond to their environment.


Human Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering Techniques

The aim of this module is to achieve an overview of advanced principles and techniques of human molecular genetics and genetic engineering relating to cancer, inflammation and neurodegneration. An overview of the therapeutic progress and potential of pharmacogenomics in human medicine will also be provided.


Biological and Clinical Perspectives of Human Disease

This course will provide an overview of human disease from the perspective of basic biology and clinical relevance.



The aim of this module is to give students a broad overview of the range of techniques that are applied in cellular and molecular life science research. It is comprised of a combination of lectures/seminars and hands-on workshops.


Scientific Communication

This module will be in Journal club format to allow for discussion and critical evaluation of current discoveries. Emphasis will be placed on improving critical literature appraisal skills through participation in informal discussions of current scientific articles in Molecular Cell Biology with particular emphasis on mechanisms underlying Cancer Biology, Neurodegeneration and Infection/Immunity.


Graduate Information Literacy Skills

This module gives postgraduate students an introduction to the principles and practice of Information Literacy, as applied to postgraduate research to enhance the quality of their research and expand their career opportunities in our knowledge-based economy.


Marketing for High Technology Entrepreneurs

The module provides the student with a detailed foundation of marketing theory, principles and practice. The module facilitates students in developing a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of the role of marketing in the successful operation of the technology enterprise.


Technology and Business Planning

The aim of this module is to examine, critique and apply the main elements of business planning as it applies to technology focused ventures.? It will also give students practical experience of business start-up and entrepreneurial behavior.


And students may choose from one of the following :

Creativity and Opportunity Recognition

This module will utilise business cases and draw on the experience of Irish entrepreneurs. It will also give students practical experience of identifying and validating un-met needs, which will lead to new products and services in the biopharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors.


Innovation Finance

This course examines the finance of innovation, focusing on technology-based start-up ventures, and the early stages of company development. The subject aims to prepare students, as innovators and entrepreneurs, for these decisions.



Intellectual Property Law for High-Tech Entrepreneurs

This course provides students with an introduction to and understanding of the intellectual property issues arising in the protection and commercialisation of research.


Molecular Cell Biology

School of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Western Gateway Building, University College Cork, Cork.