Selection Criteria for Mature Students

Selection Criteria for Mature Students

Selection Criteria for Mature Students

Selection Criteria for Mature Students

Prospective students must make an application through CAO.   The closing date for receipt of application is usually 1 February each year.  Applications to CAO are made through  Students who are applying as mature students are encouraged to apply well in advance of the deadline.  Please ensure you forward any appropriate supplemental documentation to the CAO that is of relevance to your application.  Incomplete documentation may result in your application not being reviewed by the UCC School of Pharmacy and may make your application void.

Entry Requirements

To apply a student must have the following: Leaving Certificate or equivalent including at least a Grade H4 in Higher Level Chemistry. (Equivalent normally means a Chemistry course undertaken and passed in a Third Level Institution, A-level Chemistry, etc).  You are strongly encouraged to contact us directly if you have any doubts as to whether your current level of chemistry upon application may not be equivalent to the minimum standard required. 

Shortlisting of candidates for interview is then completed by the School of Pharmacy Mature Students Committee under the following headings:

1.           Academic Ability (Education record);

2.           Interest, passion, and experience in Pharmacy;

3.           The quality of the Personal Statement.

It should be noted that Mature Entry does not necessarily mean Non-Graduate Entry. Applications are accepted from candidates with no prior third level education and also from graduate candidates provided they meet the minimum requirements for entry to UCC. Criteria other than Academic Ability alone can influence whether a candidate is called for interview.

All applications are ranked independently by members of the School of Pharmacy Mature Students Committee.  A shortlist of candidates for interview is then compiled.  Candidates are informed by the School of Pharmacy whether or not they have been successful in securing an interview.  Interviews usually take place towards the end of April.

The interview panel is usually comprised of four staff members. Each interview is of 15 minutes duration.  Once interviews have been completed, applicants are ranked and the interview panel advises the UCC Admissions Office of the students who should be offered a place for the coming academic year.  A ranked waiting list is also compiled.  Applicants who have been interviewed may subsequently contact the UCC Admissions Office to informally determine whether they are being recommended, or otherwise, that the CAO offer them a place on the pharmacy programme.  The official offer is made through the CAO in July after all three Schools of Pharmacy in Ireland have made their returns. 

For more information go to the Mature Student Office website

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