Fatma Farag

Fatma Farag


- Bachelor Degree of Pharmaceutical Sciences with General Grade Very Good with Degree of Honor, Assiut University, Egypt, May 1997.

- Master Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Minia University, Egypt, 2004.

- Research assistant on a collaborative project with Nycomed, School of Pharmacy UCC.

- Ph.D. student in school of Pharmacy from April 2008 till now.

Research Projects:

My PhD project involves the development of in vitro techniques to evaluate macromolecular structure and stability during processing, storage and delivery.

Research in this project focuses on proteins and polypeptides.

Research Interests:

Lipid Formulation, microemulsions, tissue culture, stability of proteins in pharmaceutical dosage form.

Poster and Oral Presentations:

1- Hasan N.M.Y. and Farag F.F.,  Poloxamer 407 for preventing the salting out of self-micro-emulsifying systems due to electrolytes present in the emulsification media. Poster presented in Excepient Fest, Cork, Ireland, June (2007)

2- Farag FF, O’Driscoll C, Crean AM. The effect of solvent strength and storage conditions on the stability of solmon calcitonin at physiological pH. Poster presented in All Ireland school of Pharmacy, Dublin, Ireland, 26&27 March 2009.

3- F.F. Farag, C. O’Driscoll and A.M. Crean. The influence of storage conditions on the stability of solmon calcitonin solutions at physiological pH. Poster presented inUKICRS,London, UK, 1st April 2009.

School of Pharmacy


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