Carol McCarthy wins 'Science for all Competition'

7 Apr 2016

Carol McCarthy, 2nd year PhD student in the School of Pharmacy won the University's ‘Science for All’ final with her talk: Sense and Solubility; Using Silica to Make New Medicines for Patients. A fantastic Jane Austin inspired title!

Carol's talk highlighted the challenge poor water solubility poses for the development of many drug candidates and how her PhD research explores the application of mesoporous silica to overcome this challenge.  She explained her findings to date and future research plans to understand the mechanisms by which drug molecules are released into solution from the surface of the silica materials.  

Science  for  All is  a  science  communication  competition, organised by the  APC Microbiome Institute  open to senior  postgraduate students in  the  Colleges  of  Science  Engineering  &  Food  Science  and  Medicine  & Health in which students give a 10 minute presentation on their research to the general public in an easily understandable manner without jargon.  Carol's PhD studies are funded as part of the SSPC research centre

School of Pharmacy


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