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Examination Instructions

  • Examination papers will be accessed via CANVAS and will be released at the time indicated in the correspondence circulated by each module coordinator.
  • It is expected that you type your examination answers in a single Microsoft Word document. A template word file will be sent to you in the coming days and you can use this template for all exams.
  • You will then upload a single Microsoft Word file containing your answers via CANVAS (which will be analysed by Turnitin). Please note, module co-ordinators may check the time stamp on either your Word document/CANVAS submission to ensure work was done within the allocated time.
  • It is recommended that you use the autosave function in MS Word to ensure you are saving your work on a regular basis during the exam.
  • For diagrams, or for those of you who have to handwrite your answers, you can use Microsoft Lens to upload your examination script. Instructions for Microsoft Lens have already been circulated to you.   
  • As these will be timed online exams, it is crucial that you have good internet access. You will require internet access to download the examination paper at the start of the examination period and again to upload your examination script at the end of the examination period. Please ensure that you are located in an area with consistent Wi-Fi coverage. As a backup, it is also advisable to be familiar with setting up your phone as a hotspot to allow download of the exam papers and upload of answers.  If for any reason, your internet fails, please take a photo of the failure notice, and in the unlikely scenario that you cannot submit your examination paper via CANVAS online, it will be permissible to email a photo of your answers to the relevant module coordinator.  This email option is only necessary if you are unable to submit online via Canvas.

There are a range of supports provided by UCC at this time that may be helpful, see the following links:

A Guide to Online Summer Examinations

Exam Preparation Guide

Using Microsoft Lens

COVID-19 Student FAQ

Keep Learning - This page contains resources and advice to help UCC students learn online with minimal distruption during the COVID-19 pandemic

Student IT phone support is available from UCC (Mon – Sun 9am-9pm) on 0214902120

Your mentor is also available to you should you wish to avail of their assistance.

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