Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The School of Pharmacy at University College Cork aims to:

  • Educate pharmacists to the highest professional and ethical standards, preparing them for critical patient-focused roles in healthcare provision and in the pharmaceutical industry and encouraging life-long learning.
  • Develop excellent, high impact research programmes across the breadth of the discipline of pharmacy, generating new knowledge and highly skilled researchers towards the development of new medicines and procedures that will directly benefit the patient.


In order to achieve these goals we are committed to the following:

  • Providing our students, at undergraduate and postgraduate level, with a challenging and comprehensive educational experience across all aspects of Pharmacy, recognising the dual mandate of the School to ensure our graduates are prepared to play leading roles in healthcare provision and the pharmaceutical industry. In particular we have developed a spiral and integrated MPharm curriculum that is research-led, encourages life-long learning and places the patient at the centre of student education.
  • Monitoring undergraduate pharmacy students to ensure that they demonstrate excellence in their professional practice aligned to the Core Competency Framework (CCF) upon graduation.
  • Continuing to provide a state-of-the-art infrastructure for research into the science underpinning patient care.
  • Continuing to grow our research programmes in areas that are strategically important to both the University and the College of Medicine and Health and which are aligned with National research strategy (outlined below).
  • Attracting high quality staff and ensuring they have opportunities to develop their careers in Teaching & Learning and Research within the School.
  • Engaging with external stakeholders through responsive and mutually beneficial partnerships including promotion and development of the profession.


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