PERL Competencies

 The competencies of the centre lie in 6 key technology areas, namely:

  • Power supply design and topology development,
  • Electrical and mechanical system modelling and integration,
  • Power and signal level IC design,
  • Analogue and digital control,
  • Signal processing and algorithm development, and
  • Tachometry and motion control.

These skills are deployed in a diverse portfolio of research in the automotive, aerospace, lighting, computing and communications (fixed and mobile), energy (renewable and pervasive) and industrial automation sectors.

Collaborative Research

The activities of PERL are complemented by collaboration with other research groups in University College Cork who work in the areas of RFIC design, digital signal processing, control, optoelectronics, mechatronics, and sustainable energy. Furthermore, joint projects with external bodies such as the National University of Ireland, Galway, University of Limerick, the Tyndall National Institute, Cork Institute of Technology and various national and international industrial partners have established a network of fruitful research alliances.

Current and Recent Projects


Component and system design for petrol/electric and hydrogen powered vehicles

Inductive charging of electric vehicles

Combined starter/alternator design

In-house development of a hybrid electric vehicle prototype


Design of high-reliability aircraft power supplies

Kinetic energy solutions for aircraft flight recorder and bus hold-up applications


Power-factor corrected topologies for CFLs

Control of architectural LED lighting

Computing and communications

20 Mhz integrated monolithic power converter designs for POL and mobile applications

Multi-phase VRM topologies and digital pulse-width modulated control with sensorless current sharing

Digitally controlled, energy efficient ac/dc topology development

UPS topologies for personal computer backup

Regererative load system for VRM testing


Machine characterisation for wind and wave energy applications

High-voltage power network and grid modelling for distributed generation

Energy harvesting and inductively powered sensors

Industrial automation

Development of cost-effective, highly-accurate current and velocity sensors

DSP implementation of digital tachometry and control algorithms

High-voltage multi-phase power supply for plasma generation and displacement

Power Electronics Research Laboratories

G.16, Electrical Engineering Building School of Engineering University College Cork College Road, Cork