Week One: Getting to Know the Basics

This week we’re going to be looking at some of the basics you’ll need to know as you get started as a UCC student.


  • Checklist for Week 1
  • Getting to know the campus
  • The Library
  • Computers and printing
  • IT Services
  • Student Card



Familiarise yourself with the building codes on your timetable.

Take a virtual tour of the campus or check out the campus map to see where your face to face classes will be taking place.

Download Office 365 for students.



NOTE: Due to government guidelines announced on Sept 25th, lectures will all occur online for the first 2 weeks of term. Students should not be on campus unless they are attending one of the few exceptions (Lab-based, clinical, and practical based tuition).

More specific information can be found here: https://www.ucc.ie/en/emt/covid19/timetables/

Most courses will be utilising a “blended” approach to teaching and learning this year. This means that students will be attending some classes on campus along with online lectures that will be accessed remotely. The amount of time you will be spending on campus will depend on your course and your timetable.

Finding your way around the campus can be a bit  daunting at first as there are lots of different buildings within the main campus as well as a number of satellite campuses nearby. You may have lectures in many different buildings depending on your timetable.



Building codes https://www.ucc.ie/en/students/campus/buildings/

Explore virtually:

Food & drink https://www.ucc.ie/en/students/campus/eating/

Shops & vending machines https://www.ucc.ie/en/students/campus/shopping/

Travel & transport https://www.ucc.ie/en/build/commuting/ 


 What is your student card?

  • Every UCC student is provided with a student card. This is an ID card specifically for UCC students that includes your full name, course, date of birth, card expiration date and a photograph of you. You should keep your card on your person at all times while on campus. Opportunities to collect your student card will be made available throughout Semester 1. 


What is it used for?


  • Swipe access to student-only buildings on campus such as the library, various computer labs, etc.
  • Taking out library books, using printing services and paying library fines.
  • Proof that you are a student when availing of discounts in shops, reduced ticket prices, student fares on national buses/trains.
  • You will also need to present your student card at the beginning of all exam centres.


How can you top up your card?


  • You can top up your card online via this link.
  • You can also top up your card via machines on campus. These are located on the ground floor of the Student Centre and the ground floor printing room in the Boole Library.


What happens if you lose your student card?


  • If you lose your student card while on campus the first thing you should do is check to see if it has been handed in anywhere. The best places to look would be the Library Services desk on the ground floor of the Boole Library, the information desk in the foyer of the Student Centre and the reception desk in the Hub.
  • If you need to replace your student card, contact the Student Records and Examinations Office. A replacement card costs €20 and it will use the same photograph as the original card.  


UCC Library provides a wide range of library and information services to support your studies while in college. UCC Library has one central library on campus: the Boole Library. There are two branch libraries: The Boston Scientific Health Sciences Library in Brookfield Health Sciences Complex and the Hospital Library in Cork University Hospital.

As mentioned above, all registered students will receive a student ID card. This card is also your library card. You will require this card to gain access to the Library, and you must carry it with you at all times.

 Reading, Library

The Boole Library has a wide range of facilities including reading rooms, study spaces, bookable rooms for group projects, computers and printing/scanning services to name a few. To learn more about using the library, you can visit their website here.


 As a UCC student, you have access to a number of computers and printing/copying/scanning services on campus. For a full list of locations and opening times please see: http://sit.ucc.ie. Registered UCC students are welcome to use these facilities at any time during opening hours and within Covid-19 regulations. 


Software available on the Student IT Centre Computers includes the following:

  • Internet Access
  • Microsoft Office
  • SPSS
  • Services (Printing and Network Access & Wireless)


All students will need a Student IT Account to use the computers. Your Student IT Account password will be sent to you before Registration Part 1. If you encounter any problems logging into the network you can contact Student IT Support on 021-4902120.


Some departments may also have their own computer rooms which their students can use. If this is the case the department will inform you about them. You may also bring your personal computer to University which you can connect to the UCC wireless network. Details on connecting laptops to the wireless network can be found online at www.ucc.ie/en/sit/wireless.


To view computer locations, click here.

To view printer locations and learn how to use the printing/copying services, click here.



The UCC Student IT Helpdesk is located in the Boole Basement and Boole Library but they are currently working remotely. If you need to contact Student IT Support you can do so here.


A student email (Umail) account is automatically created for every registered UCC student. Your account can be accessed here. During your time as a registered student you will receive very important communications related to your degree from the Registrar’s Office (Admissions, The First Year Experience Coordinator, Student Records and Examinations) and the Fees Office. Please ensure that you check your email regularly.


Canvas is the virtual learning environment used in UCC enabling lecturers to create an online learning environment to supplement your coursework. A Canvas account will automatically be created for students following registration. 

To log in to your Canvas account go to Student IT Services and click on the Canvas icon. If you have any queries regarding your account please email sit@ucc.ie or visit Student IT Support for more information.

Microsoft Office for Students

As a UCC student you can download Office 365 for free. This will give you access to Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, Access, Publisher, Outlook, Lync and InfoPath for both online and offline use.


Find out how to download Office 365 here.


Other useful resources

UCC Peer Support

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