Week Four: Healthy Body

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Checklist - Week Four

Plan out your meals for the week.

Try to get between 7-9 hours sleep a night.

Aim to get around 30 minutes of exercise a day.

Activate your Mardyke membership and check out the facilities.


Week Four: Healthy Body


This week we’re looking at how to stay healthy while in college. Looking after your body will make you feel great and will help you to do your best academically.


Food & Nutrition

The college student who lives on instant noodles and energy drinks is a pretty well-known stereotype but it must come from somewhere! Students typically have irregular schedules and limited funds to spend on a healthy grocery shop but a healthy and balanced diet is essential for overall health and success and will also benefit your mental health in the long run. Here are a couple of tips on how to develop healthy habits when it comes to food and nutrition.

  • Know what you need - It’s all well and good deciding to eat cereal for every meal because it’s quick and easy but it’s not a great plan in the long term.
  • Get organised - There are endless recipes to be found on the internet so do some research and pick out three or four main meal ideas that you enjoy and can make easily. It’s even better if these meals include some of the same ingredients used in different combinations so you’re not buying completely different ingredients for each meal during your grocery shop.
  • Know what meals you’re planning before you go grocery shopping. This ensures that you only buy what you actually need and will reduce costs and food waste over time. 
  • Shop smart - you can buy most of your essential items in cheap supermarkets like Lidl or Aldi. Most supermarkets also sell their own versions of popular foods brands that tend to be very similar in taste and much cheaper. It’s also a good idea to be on the lookout for special offers and discounts when you’re shopping as it all adds up!
  • Make the most of what you have - if you have food in your fridge or cupboard that’s getting pretty close to its expiration date, make sure you use it up as soon as you can. This way you’re not wasting money and you’re also avoiding food waste, it’s a win-win. 



Getting a good night's sleep is extremely important for everyone, especially college students. A healthy sleep schedule improves your memory, sharpens your attention, lowers stress and helps to improve your grades and your athletic performance. 


Most people need somewhere between 7 and 9 hours sleep every night, but this varies for everyone. Depending on your age, lifestyle, diet, and other personal things, you might need more or less sleep. Some people can’t function without at least 10 hours, whereas some people will be ready to go at 6 hours. Only you can really decide if you’re getting enough sleep or not.


To find out more about healthy sleeping habits and tips for getting a good night’s sleep, check out this article.



Staying active doesn't have to involve playing a competitive sport or going to the gym every day. If that’s your cup of tea, that’s great! Just be sure to take care of your body while doing any strenuous activities. If you’re not into sports and the gym isn’t really your thing, all you need is around 30 minutes exercise a day to keep healthy. Some easy ways to do that are:

  • Walking - skip the bus and walk into college, or just walk part of the way if you’re able to.
  • Get a bike or use the Coca-Cola Zero bike scheme.
  • Go for a walk in between lectures if the weather is nice. This is a great way to explore the city and there’s plenty of nice areas within walking distance of campus such as Fitzgerald’s Park, the Lee Fields and Cork Lough.
  • If you’re in the mood for a home workout or yoga session, there are plenty of videos on Youtube that you can watch.



All registered UCC students are entitled to a student membership at the Mardyke Arena. The Mardyke Arena is a beautiful, state-of-the-art facility located on Mardyke Walk just off the Western Road. Once you have registered with UCC and received your student card you can present your card at the registration desk and begin your membership.


What does membership of the Mardyke Arena UCC offer to UCC students?

  • Unlimited use of the Fitness Gyms, Pool, Sauna and Steam Room 
  • Free Exercise and Fitness classes (subject to availability/fixed numbers per class)
  • Free access to Indoor Climbing Wall Hall


NOTE: please check the Mardyke website for specifics on what servies are available during the Covid-19 pandemic as these will vary depending on the restrictions in place at a given time.


You can find out more about the Mardyke Arena here.

Join a UCC Club

We talked about UCC Clubs last week while discussing ways to get involved in university life but it should definitely be mentioned here as well. Joining a club is a great way to stay active while trying something new and making friends. 


You can check out the full list of clubs here and be sure to get in touch with any of them if you’re interested in joining!


The Student Health Service is located in Ardpatrick on College Road, just across the road from the side gates and SU Offices. Students can avail of free appointments with doctors, nurses and psychiatrists as well as other services at a reduced cost. You can find out about the services offered by Student Health here as well as prices and how to make an appointment.


Make sure to keep up to date with their COVID-19 guidelines as well.

UCC Peer Support

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