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PAI Promote Upcoming Parkinson's Research in Winter 2019 Edition

1 Jan 2020

The Parkinson's Association of Ireland (PAI) have published an article promoting the 'Mapping Parkinson's Needs and Services in Ireland' project. In the article, Paula Gilmore (CEO), who is the ‘public and patient involvement’ co-lead on this project, says that “mapping existing services and people with Parkinson’s experiences of these services will be very valuable information for us” and will make a difference in terms of policy and practice development. 

The piece notes that this project was designed to fit with part of the PAI’s strategic plan (2017-2020) and that the research addresses two of the six actions in the plan in great depth. The first is to campaign for better services for people with Parkinson’s and to promote information and awareness. The second is to provide the information necessary to lobby for better access to services for people with Parkinson’s. It also states that in the coming months, the PAI will be assisting this project with recruitment through advertising the national survey and interviews, with the aim of recruiting people with Parkinson’s and their families. If you are a person with Parkinson's or a carer interested in participating in this project, please follow this link to the project on our website for more information.

Parkinson's Disease Research Cluster (PDRC)

College of Medicine & Health, University College Cork, Ireland.