Supervised Graduate Students

Pádraig Mac Cárthaigh, Physics Department, UCC, Supervised PhD and MSc Theses


The influence of thermal plasma profiles on low-frequency Alfvén eigenmode dynamics in a tokamak

Diarmuid Curran PhD Abstract 2014

Diarmuid Curran PhD 2014 (25 MB)

Hierarchy of identifiability of 2-D moments of the current density distribution in a tokamak plasma

Cormac McAuliffe MSc Abstract 2014

Cormac McAuliffe MSc 2014 (41MB)

Inter-ELM evolution of the edge current density profile on the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak

Michael Dunne PhD Abstract 2013

Michael Dunne PhD 2013 (5MB)

Investigation of neoclassical tearing modes on MAST using Thomson scattering*

Thomas O'Gorman PhD Abstract 2012

Thomas O'Gorman PhD 2012 (11MB)

An investigation of the influence of plasma parameters on the spectra of helium plasmas

Brendan Cahill MSc Abstract 2012

Brendan Cahill MSc 2012 (5MB)

Parsimonious reconstruction of 2D MHD equilibrium states using database training methods

Shane O'Mahony MSc Abstract 2012

Shane O'Mahony MSc 2012 (8MB)

The consistency of electron temperature measurements by Thomson scattering at the JET tokamak*

Kieran Beausang PhD Abstract 2011

Kieran Beausang PhD 2011 (18MB)

Improved analysis of measured MHD activity and the use of Toroidicity induced Alfvén Eigenmodes to constrain current density profile reconstruction in the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak

Karl Sassenberg PhD Abstract 2009

Karl Sassenberg PhD 2009 (16MB)

LIDAR Incoherent Thomson Scattering at Relativistic Velocities*

Cornelius Lynch MSc Contents 2008

Cornelius Lynch MSc 2008 (3MB)

A study of Internal Transport Barriers in the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak

Eilis Quigley PhD Abstract 2006

Eilis Quigley PhD 2006 (2MB)

Comparative study of current profile evolution on the JET tokamak using resistive diffusion and ideal magnetohydrodynamic equilibrium models

David Kelliher PhD Abstract 2005

David Kelliher PhD 2005 (2MB)

Safety factor profile identification on the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak using the Motional Stark Effect and Inverse Problem methodology

Marcus Foley PhD Abstract 2004

Marcus Foley PhD body 2004 (4MB)

Stellarator equilibrium reconstruction by function parameterization

Hugh Callaghan PhD (html) 1999

Hugh Callaghan PhD 1999


*Jointly supervised


Plasma Physics and Fusion Research Group

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