uLink Peer Support

What is uLink Peer Support?

uLink Peer Support is a service to support first year students in UCC.  At orientation all undergraduate first years meet and are linked with a peer support leader, a current UCC student studying the same programme. Your peer support leader will guide you at orientation and can show you what life at UCC is all about.  As a first year, your peer support leader is available to contact at any time.

Peer support leaders can meet with you and listen to your experiences of UCC.  It can be a one off meeting or regular contact can be maintained throughout the year.

What does a Peer Support leader do?

Peer support leaders can meet with you and offer a friendly and confidential ear. A peer support leader is there to provide practical, emotional and social support to students in their first year at UCC. Peer supporters won't judge you or tell anyone else about concerns or questions that you have for them.  Peer support leaders can offer you their take on life at UCC and offer some practical help in dealing with issues that they themselves experienced in first year.

Any student who is in UCC for the first time can make contact if they would like to link up with another student who can help them make the most of their time in UCC.

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How can I make contact?

You can contact the PASS office on 021-420 5188 or email: pass@ucc.ie. Your query will be treated confidentially and based on what you need and want, you will be put in touch with a peer support volunteer.

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Peer Assisted Student Support (PASS)

Tacaíocht Mac Léinn Piarchuidithe (PASS)