Advice for First Year Students

One great source of advice and support for any first year is the First Year Experience Coordinator, Nóirín Deady. Nóirín is a university staff member whose goal is to ensure you complete your first year and have the best possible experience while doing so. You can find more information on how she can help you HERE.


Beginning life at UCC can be a huge learning curve for all first year students. Below are some words of advice from previous first year students about their initial experiences of life at UCC:

  • "Wish I had joined a club/society and went religiously for 1st year... although it may affect your nights out, it will ultimately result in more friends!"- Emma Murphy
  • "I also wish I knew how important it was to make a good effort at all my work and essays and that it really does pay to go to all your lectures and tutorials!"- Gerard Finn
  • "Hmmm things I wish I had known... I wish I'd known more about the SU and their services."- Caitlin O' Reilly
  • "I wish I had relaxed a little more in first year because you really do get there in the end."- Una Rooney
  • "Go out with your class and with club/societies- the best way to get to know people is when you're out socially by choice rather than when you have to go to class/training/whatever."- Olivia Flynn
  • "Talk to people when you can even if it is just a word or two and smile."- Iain O'Leary
  • "I did a writing skills course and I found it really beneficial"- Una Rooney


  • "Club and Socs are a great way to make friends and that's the most important thing... a lot of people already know each other and you can feel like an outsider but clubs and Socs have so many people you can meet loads of new people!"- Gerard Finn
  • "Organisation- €2 Student's Union Diary this is a godsend. Again make a realistic schedule for yourself with a good amount of free time so you don't get stressed out and think about work all the time."- Iain O' Leary
  • "I wish I knew more about the Mardyke and the classes that went on etc."- Gerard Finn



Peer Assisted Student Support (PASS)

Tacaíocht Mac Léinn Piarchuidithe (PASS)