The Aodán Ó Donnchadha Memorial Prize

The Final Medical class of 1990 subscribed to a fund for the provision of an annual prize to commemorate their late classmate Aodán Ó Donnchadha. The Extern for the Department of Paediatrics and Child Health will assess the best Paediatric projects  and decide who should be awarded the prize, if necessary aided by advice from members of the Department of Paediatrics and Child Health. Shortlisted candidates should keep all information gathered as this may be required by the External examiner. The award will be made provided the student chosen fulfils the other criteria:

  • The prize will be called "The Aodán Ó Donnchadha Memorial Prize".
  • The Academic Council considers that a sufficiently high standard has been attained.
  • The successful candidate has been a student in University College Cork, for the three years immediately preceding the Final Medical Examination.
  • He/she has taken and passed the whole of the Final Medical Examination and has taken each module for the first time. 

The Aodán Ó Donnchadha Memorial Prize UCC winners are as follows:

2021 Dr Harriet O’Mara

2020 Dr Aisling Holland

2019 Dr Christina Moore/ Dr Ganakirthana Kalpenya Devi (joint winners)

2018 Dr Caitriona McCarrick

2017 Dr Madeline Edwards

2016 Dr Siobhan Rafferty 

2015 Dr Emma Higgisson

2014 Dr Thomas Keane 

2013 Dr Timothy Keady

2012 Dr Meredith Kinoshita

2011 Dr Ross Doyle

2010 Dr Daithi de Baroid

2009 Dr Aisling Jennings

2008 Dr Amit Singh Grover

2007 Dr Colin Hawkes

2006 Dr C. Monique Bohun

2005 Dr Ellen Byrne

2004 Dr Aoife Cotter

2003 Dr Katherine D'Arcy and Rosfaiizah Siran

Department of Paediatrics & Child Health

Péidiatraic agus Sláinte Leanaí

Floor 2, Paediatric Unit, Cork University Hospital, Wilton, Cork, T12 DC4A