Why Study OT at UCC

Why Study OT (Occupational Therapy) at UCC

The programme at UCC has been carefully designed based on educational research and best international standards. Many of our staff have been awarded the UCC President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. UCC was one of the first universities in the world to design its entire curriculum in accordance with the revised World Federation of Occupational Therapy educational guidelines. The programme focuses strongly on learning how to support people to participate in meaningful occupation in order to contribute to their individual wellbeing and for the benefit of the wider community and society.

The UCC programme focuses strongly on the student’s own development, both personal and professional and this is interwoven throughout academic and practice based modules. It is a feature that has been highlighted as being different from other Occupational Therapy courses. Learning is different at UCC too. Task Based Learning [TBL] is the medium through which you will study in many of your core Occupational Therapy Programme and so there is a lot of individual and group work that is self-directed. A great emphasis is placed on being able to talk about what you are doing and thinking. Your knowledge, skills and abilities are developed in a logical sequence over the course of the four years. At UCC, we place equal emphasis on learning to work with children/young people and adults/older adults; and on developing expertise in the areas of physical and mental health.

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