Postgraduate Research Topics

  • Factors that influence community alarm use by older people who have experienced a fall.
  • Comparison of physical activity in adults with cystic fibrosis with age-matched health individuals.
  • Parental perceptions of participation & partnership in an early intervention service.
  • Effects of practice education on attitudes of occupational therapy students towards mental health service users.
  • A research proposal to explore the effect of handling on pre-term infants during routine care episodes before & after development training.
  • Phenomenological study of driving cessation – partner’s experiences.
  • Student learning about interpersonal communication skills: the contribution of conversation with a person with aphasia, structural feedback, reflection on the conversation & academic learning.
  • Does pre-operative exercise capacity affect post-operative outcomes after cardiac surgery.
  • The meaning of bathing to community dwelling older adults.
  • Exploring client-centred practice: what do expert physiotherapists think?
  • Variations in dysphasia: evaluation practices amongst Speech & Language Therapists in Ireland, Oman & the UK.
  • “Going out in the grand fresh air”: an exploration of participation in leisure activities post stroke.
  • The impact of introducing non-play items into a primary school playground in Ireland.
  • Exploring the occupational lives of older persons recovering from depression through an examination of time use.
  • The eating preferences of Irish children with autism: a survey of parents.
  • Physiotherapy service provision following obstetric anal sphincter injuries (OASIS).
  • An exploration of community ambulation in older adults with mobility limitation in Ireland.
  • Ultrasound imaging as a bio feedback tool in speech therapy for children apraxia of speech.
  • An investigation in current SLTs target selection practices in Ireland for the treatment of speech sound disorders.
  • “It didn’t come on all of a sudden”: an exploration of occupational transitions with individuals experiencing early psychosis.
  • Occupational therapy burn rehabilitation treatment modalities in Ireland:  survey of practice.
  • Does acupuncture benefit clinic based patients with radiation induced xerostomia?
  • Exploring the occupations of people in the palliative phase of their illness & investigating their engagement meaning enablers and constraints to associated occupations.

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