General Disposal Authorities

What are they?

The purpose of General Disposal Authorities is to provide a comprehensive framework to support the authorised disposal and retention of University records. General Disposal Authorities are the official authority for the retention and disposal of records of university. The development of General Disposal Authorities form a central part of the Records Management programme and policy. When finally agreed the attached General Disposal Authorities will be approved by the Executive Management Group, the Council of Deans and the President.

How they work

General Disposal Authorities identify the organization's main business process, resulting records and recommended disposal action. Disposal recommendations are based upon legal requirements; best practice as set down by professional bodies such as the Institute of Company Secretaries, Chartered Accountants and the Society of Archivists; and the approach adopted by other public service organizations at international level. The potential historic value of information is also a criteria.

When finalised General Disposal Authorities will form a central part of Records Management Policy which will hopefully be approved by the Executive Management Group and ratified by the Governing Body. At that point, the General Disposal Authorities will become the official authority for the retention and disposal of University records.

Work to date

To date, nine General Disposal Authority documents have been drafted. These represent the main functional areas of activity within the University. These areas are:

General Disposal Authority 1 Academic Administration: Research
General Disposal Authority 2 Academic Administration: Student Records
General Disposal Authority 3 Academic Administration: Teaching
General Disposal Authority 4 General Administration: Corporate Administration
General Disposal Authority 5 General Administration: Financial Management
General Disposal Authority 6 General Administration: Human Resources
General Disposal Authority 7 General Administration: Legal Administration
General Disposal Authority 8 General Administration: Public Affairs
General Disposal Authority 9 General Administration: University Governance

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